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Overturning CA’s sugary drink tax ban

Help us defend local democracy! Our lawsuit challenging California’s industry-backed law banning new local sugary drink taxes overcame its first hurdle when the Sacramento County Superior Court ruled in our favor — but there are more hurdles to come. The case is currently on appeal. Your donation will support our efforts to fight the appeal.

Passage of California law leads to successful legal challenge

As you might remember, ChangeLab Solutions, in partnership with the American Heart Association and other advocates, supported a lawsuit in 2020 that challenged the deceptively named Keep Groceries Affordable Act. This 2018 law, initiated by the soda industry, bans new sugary drink taxes in charter cities until 2031 — a move that effectively prevents voters and local governments from exercising their right to secure resources for their communities.

Thankfully, our lawsuit challenging the law’s penalty provision proved successful in the first round of litigation! But we are working on the next phase of the case and need your help to continue this effort.

Why is this legal effort important?

This lawsuit is about more than just sugary drink taxes. It’s about the right of voters and local governments everywhere in the United States to stand up to harmful industry-backed legislation that preempts local control of everything from minimum wage increases to eviction moratoriums.

Please support us in our continuing fight against corporate-backed efforts to take away local control.

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