Red States. Blue Cities. What Does It Mean for Housing?

VP of law & policy Ben Winig quoted in Pacific Standard Magazine article

Conservative states are passing bills that block cities from creating inclusionary zoning ordinances — solutions that are aimed at addressing the urban housing crisis. These states use preemption law to privilege and protect landlords and developers, at that same time that tenants are contending with rapidly rising living costs. The most recent example of this trend comes from Florida, although other states have taken similar measures.

Quoted in a recent article in Pacific Standard Magazine, ChangeLab Solutions vice president of law and policy Ben Winig spoke about the use of legal preemption in housing policy.

"This tug of war over the distribution of power among federal, state, and local governments certainly isn't new," says Winig. "But we have absolutely seen in recent years a significant increase in the use of state preemption to curtail local governments' ability to address their housing needs."

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