New Guide for Health Care & Food System Partners

Addressing food insecurity through cross-sector partnerships

How can health care, local government, and community-based partners increase healthy food access for those who need it most?

Food insecurity has spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting not only individual health but health equity in our communities. To help address disparities in food access and health, ChangeLab Solutions has created a guide for stakeholders who are addressing food insecurity and building more equitable food systems as we move into post-pandemic recovery.

Legal & Policy Strategies for Health Care & Food System Partners is designed to support on-the-ground staff in community organizations, local governments, and health systems as they partner to advance health equity through local food systems change. Through real-world examples and specific strategies, our guide illustrates how partners can build more resilient and just food systems for the long term.

Offering a helpful framework for food system partnerships plus legal and policy strategies for three key types of interventions, this resource can help you

  • Address food insecurity for individuals through connections to nutrition assistance programs;
  • Establish a new business model in which institutions embrace healthier food purchasing choices; and
  • Create strategies to invest in local food production and retailers.

You can download the complete guide or choose specific sections that are most relevant to your food system goals.

Sara Bartel, ChangeLab Solutions senior attorney, outlines the uses and benefits of this resource. Watch here: