Making the Case for Public Health

Watch a webinar hosted by our partners at Act for Public Health

In states across the country, the essential work of public health is under attack through legislation or lawsuits.

To defend and protect the role of public health in our society, public health practitioners, researchers, and supporters increasingly need to know how to effectively communicate about the importance of well-resourced public health infrastructure. Experts also need to be able to describe the devastating consequences for our society if public health is weakened.

In a webinar on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG) and Real Language offered framing and communication recommendations to help public health advocates develop and deliver messages on the significance of public health as well as counteract legislation that would undermine public health authority.

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This webinar was presented by Act for Public Health, an initiative of the Public Health Law Partnership.

UPDATE: Act for Public Health commissioned Berkeley Media Studies Group and Real Language to assess narratives around the current attacks on public health’s authority. As a result, these partners came together to create a report recommending responses that will enable public health practitioners to communicate more effectively about the essential work they do.


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