Inclusive Planning & Aging Populations

Erik Calloway quoted in Public News Service

Maine has the oldest population per capita of any state, so city planning that addresses the concerns of older people is important in Maine. To help ensure that everyone can play a role in the design of their towns and cities. AARP Maine sponsored an online workshop on long-range planning for health equity with a focus on housing, community services, and safe streets.  A recent article in Public News Service highlighted the event, quoting Erik Calloway, a managing director at ChangeLab Solutions, who was the moderator of the workshop.

Calloway emphasized the importance of inclusivity in city planning: "In order for local government staff, elected officials, to really understand [people's] experiences and know what's best for the residents of those neighborhoods, they really need to be participating in the conversations.” Calloway added that increasing the diversity of voices in the planning process increases opportunities for everyone to live their healthiest life.

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