Housing Equity in Tulsa, OK

A Housing Solutions Collaborative update

A few months ago, we shared two examples of work by teams in our Housing Solutions Collaborative (HSC) peer-learning cohort. Today, we're excited to share an update about our housing work in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Equitable Housing Policies & Affirmative Action Bans in Tulsa, OK

Nearly 35,000 Tulsa tenants — 46% of all tenants — are cost-burdened by rent, meaning that they spend more than 30% of their income on housing costs. The Tulsa HSC team focuses on preserving and increasing affordable housing through pre-existing housing initiatives, including an affordable housing trust fund.

ChangeLab Solutions staff members have provided the Tulsa team with technical assistance to support their projects that boost housing affordability. Their aim is to direct housing resources toward residents with the greatest need while still complying with Oklahoma State Question 759, the preemptive state law that prohibits affirmative action in government activities.