Health Equity in the 2020s

Read CEO Sarah de Guia's end-of-year letter

Dear colleagues and friends,

Sarah de Guia

In my first few months as CEO of ChangeLab Solutions, I have been engaging in promising conversations with staff, partners, and funders about how our organization can be a stronger catalyst for equity in 2020 and beyond. I am inspired by ChangeLab Solutions’ accomplishments to date and by the tremendous dedication and creativity of our staff and partners. As we work to tackle some of the most complex and daunting challenges of the next decade, I am confident that together we will progress toward a healthier, brighter future for all. I offer a special thank-you to our funders and partners for continuing to support us. We couldn’t do this critical work without your support.

A fundamental belief at ChangeLab Solutions is that by addressing inequitable laws and policies, we can create healthier communities. One way we have translated this belief into practice is producing A Blueprint for Changemakers: Achieving Health Equity Through Law & Policy. This guide has sparked incredible conversations and innovative collaborations with partners committed to health equity. The Blueprint is the foundation of our work and will continue to drive our policies, tools, and resources in the next decade. As we work on bringing this framework for achieving health equity to our partners, funders, and colleagues, here are a few achievements we are proud of:

  • Partnered with community stakeholders to engage residents in policy changes that benefit historically marginalized communities
  • Trained public health organizations that are looking to center equity in their policymaking
  • Created a new health improvement plan with a state public health department, to establish more equitable policies and practices
  • Shared trainings and practical resources with universities, health care systems, and other anchor institutions that want to learn about how law and policy changes can improve health outcomes

We can achieve so much by working together, using the Blueprint and ChangeLab Solutions’ extensive resource library. If you haven't had a chance yet, please read the Blueprint and share it with your networks. And as you make your year-end giving plans, please consider a donation to ChangeLab Solutions to help us advance our vision for equity.


Sarah de Guia, JD 
CEO, ChangeLab Solutions

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