Embrace Fearless Learning

CDC interview with CEO Marice Ashe

The Centers for Disease Control’s Public Health Law News (PHLN) recently sat down with our founder and CEO Marice Ashe to discuss ChangeLab Solutions’ public health legacy and our strong focus on health equity. Here are some highlights from the interview

Because our fundamental commitment is to use the tools of law and policy to improve community health, we recognize that we have to learn how to use those very tools to confront and dismantle both the historic and the current use of law and policy to institutionalize racism and concentrate and maintain poverty. We’ll never improve community health until such tools are in place and creating positive changes in communities across the nation.

What advice would you give to others hoping to apply an equity-first lens to their organization and research?

Embrace fearless learning. I say this to my staff all of the time. If we are satisfied with the status quo, we won’t have impact. We have to be willing to move into undefined and sometimes scary places to make real change.

Read the full interview on the CDC website.

August 16, 2018

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The founder of ChangeLab Solutions, Marice Ashe has launched a number of groundbreaking efforts to improve public health through the use of law and policy.