Sarah de Guia on Public Health & the Law

Video: Panel discussion on how legal frameworks can advance health equity

ChangeLab Solutions CEO Sarah de Guia spoke at the third summit of the CDC Foundation's Lights, Camera, Action: The Future of Public Health National Summit Series held on February 23, 2022. The third summit (of four) focused on

  • Elevating the connection between law, governance, and finance in public health at this point in history and their impact and potential across different levels of government;
  • Offering tools, strategy, and information to policymakers and public health officials to strengthen public health; and
  • Strengthening relationships throughout the field of public health across different areas of focus and levels of government.

De Guia spoke on the panel Public Health and the Law: Exploring Legal Concepts and Strategies to Strengthen Public Health and Health Equity, which also featured Oxiris Barbot, MD, ChangeLab Solutions' board chair, as well as Stacy Bohlen of the National Indian Health Board, Scott Burris of the Center for Public Health Law Research, and Donna Levin of the Network for Public Health Law. 

The panel sought to build awareness of how public health law frameworks can advance equity. The speakers also identified ways to better incorporate law into public health at local and state levels.

Watch a video of the discussion.