Medical Groups Embrace Soda Taxes

Vice president of law & policy quoted in NYT

As part of their media coverage surrounding this important issue, the New York Times quoted Ben Winig, our vice president of law & policy, about the proven efficacy of soda taxes for preventing childhood obesity and the nefarious legal strategies used by Big Soda companies to counteract community action.

Read an excerpt of Ben’s comments below, or access the full article on the Times website.


Benjamin Winig, vice president for law and policy at ChangeLab Solutions, an advocacy group, said he hoped the new recommendations would help build the political will needed to overcome increasingly muscular pushback from beverage manufacturers.

 “The public health community is winning, but it’s a very difficult battle,” he said. “Our kids are getting sick and dying and what we really need is for government to step up their mission to keep people safe.”

March 25, 2019