Juvenile Justice Food Environments

Download the new research brief

We are pleased to share with you a new research brief that reports on the policies shaping food environments in juvenile justice facilities and their potential to address diet-related health disparities: Leveraging Juvenile Justice Food Environments to Advance Health Equity.

The food environment within juvenile justice facilities is crucial for the health of incarcerated youth during incarceration and over the course of their lifetime. This study is an important first step in understanding the food environments of juvenile justice facilities and the policy levers to improve them.

The brief describes the four main components of juvenile justice food environments, as well as the policies and regulations that shape them at federal, state, and local levels. The study was conducted by ChangeLab Solutions staff with support from Healthy Eating Research, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

We hope that you find the research helpful and share it with your colleagues. You can read the research brief on the Healthy Eating Research website.



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