More Resources from San Francisco

This page provides more information about the redevelopment challenges in San Francisco, CA profiled in our 2010 podcast series, Rebuilding Healthier Neighborhoods.

Public Agencies

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
Bayview Hunters Point is one of the agency's eight project areas. Redevelopment goals for the neighborhood include economic development; affordable housing; and neighborhood enhancements such as improvements to transportation infrastructure, recreation facilities, and streetscapes. The agency's Bayview Hunters Point plan requires community input into revitalization efforts. 

SF Department of Public Health
San Francisco's health department is working with the redevelopment agency to bring healthier food to the city's underserved neighborhoods. Its Healthy Development Measurement Tool, an innovative metric that looks at the impact of the built environment on health, includes a section on food access.

Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee
The PAC is an elected group of Bayview Hunters Point residents, business owners, and members of community-based organizations who advise the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency on its plans to revitalize the neighborhood.

San Francisco Food
This initiative takes a multidisciplinary approach to the city's food system, addressing access to healthy foods in underserved neighborhoods like Bayview Hunters Point as well as issues like sustainability, local food production, distribution systems, and food recycling.

Additional Resources

South East Food Access Working Group
This collaboration between community-based organizations, city agencies, and residents works to improve access to healthy food, increase nutritional education, and create opportunities for urban agriculture in southeastern San Francisco, including Bayview Hunters Point. SEFA has taken the lead in helping the Super Save grocery store offer a wider variety of fresh produce.

Fresh and Easy
San Francisco's redevelopment agency helped attract this European grocery chain to Bayview Hunters Point. It plans to open a small, full-service store in a mixed-use development on Third Street.

Social Compact
This alternative market analysis firm seeks to bring private investors to low-income urban areas. While conventional market analysis relies on census data, Social Compact measures the informal economy and looks at indicators like bill payments, tax assessments, and utility usage to paint a more complete picture of the economic health of communities. It provided data to show that Bayview Hunters Point could be an attractive location for full-service grocery stores.

Market Makeovers
This project by South LA Healthy Eating Active Communities Initiative and Public Matters aims to transform existing liquor stores and bodegas into outlets for healthy food. The website features an online toolkit and videos produced by Los Angeles youth.

Healthy Corner Stores
This coalition of community organizations, nonprofits, local activists, and other stakeholders works to bring nutritious food choices to small stores in neighborhoods without easy access to healthy food.

Shape Up San Francisco
This program aims to reduce health inequities in San Francisco by addressing the root causes of chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes and promoting nutrition and physical activity.