Legal Frameworks for Addressing Racial Disparities

Video: Gregory Miao speaks on a panel hosted by Housing Solutions Lab

Exclusionary and discriminatory housing policies underlie the racial inequalities in housing seen throughout US cities. Housing advocates and local leaders face complex legal challenges as they begin to undo these harmful policies and past planning decisions in order to address racial inequities in housing.

On April 28, ChangeLab Solutions senior attorney Gregory Miao joined a virtual panel hosted by the Housing Solutions Lab to discuss the legal frameworks that govern local efforts to address racial disparities in housing. The panel endorsed some primary action steps to advance housing equity in US cities:

  1. Audit the city’s history
  2. Understand the range of available options and applicable legal frameworks
  3. Engage communities that have been affected by discrimination and exclusion in housing

"There is often a tension between the strong desire to take action and the nuance with which we have to approach it." —Gregory Miao

To learn more, please watch the full video on Housing Solutions Lab's website.