Summer 2019 Newsletter

New planning infographics, Santa Cruz bans flavored tobacco, update on loopholes in CA Smokefree Workplace Act

Tobacco Flavors Ban: Santa Cruz Protects Kids

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

The city of Santa Cruz, CA, is leading the way in responding to the surge in teen tobacco use.

By modifying the city’s existing tobacco retailer licensing ordinance to ban the sale of all flavored tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, Santa Cruz public health officials are helping to ensure that tobacco retailers can’t market and sell to kids.

“The tobacco control community is very collaborative and innovative here in California, and we’ll always take steps to protect the next generation from tobacco companies and retailers,” says Andrea Solano, project director of Santa Cruz County’s Tobacco Control Program. Read the full story.


BY POPULAR DEMAND! Planning 101 Infographics

Planning for Healthy, Equitable Communities

How can public health practitioners collaborate with urban and regional planners to create healthier, more equitable communities? Our new series of infographics explores how planning affects health. Planning decisions can hurt health — for example, through segregated housing policies — but can also help remedy past harms and injustices through equity-forward planning practices such as inclusive zoning.

These infographics will be helpful to public health advocates who are looking to partner with planners. Learn more from this series.


UPDATED Left Behind in the Smoke

Left Behind in the Smoke publication cover

The California Smokefree Workplace Act still does not completely prohibit smoking in workplaces such as hotels, truck cabs, long-term health care facilities, and outdoor workplaces. As a result, 1 in 7 Californians still face secondhand smoke exposure at work.

ChangeLab Solutions developed this guide and infographic for public health advocates and tobacco control officials who want to examine how loopholes in the Smokefree Workplace Act exacerbate tobacco-related health inequities, especially for low-income folks and communities of color. Check out the guide.


2019 Tools for Change Catalog

Tools for Change

Looking for an overview of our products and services? How about tools and resources that relate to a specific topic area? Tools for Change: A Resource Catalog for Community Health is a great way to delve into what ChangeLab Solutions has to offer.

We’ve recently updated this catalog to include our latest guides, model policies, and publications. The 2019 version now features our blueprint for health equity, our latest tobacco control products, and more. Explore Tools for Change