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A letter from Sarah de Guia, ChangeLab Solutions' new CEO

Dear colleagues and friends,

Sarah de Guia

It is an honor to reach out to you in my new capacity. My name is Sarah de Guia, and I am the new CEO of ChangeLab Solutions. I am excited to join a team that is on the cutting edge of using law and policy to create healthier communities in cities and states around the country. And I am pleased to continue partnering with many of you while getting to know others. Collectively, we can ensure a better, brighter future for our nation!

My passion for health equity is personal and deeply rooted in my familial and educational experiences. I grew up hearing my abuelos say that we should hide our identity and our language. As a student, curiosity and anger fueled my research and scholarship in ethnic studies at Berkeley. During this time, California was experiencing a wave of anti-immigrant and racist ballot initiatives. The insight I gained through my scholarship during this highly charged political time helped me understand my family’s decisions and ignited a desire to change the laws and policies that are the structural basis of an unjust system.

My leadership trajectory brought me to several organizations — including the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Latino Issues Forum, and the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network — where I have been blessed to work with some of the preeminent civil rights leaders in California. Alongside these amazing colleagues — many of whom I call friends — I worked to achieve critical successes such as expanding health care to low-income families, improving language access in health care, and integrating equity into land use and transportation planning. For nearly 20 years, I have dedicated my legal and policy career to passing, improving, and implementing laws and policies to improve health for communities of color.

I join ChangeLab Solutions at a time when our country is divided and deeply traumatized. But I begin with the tremendous foundation cemented by this organization’s staff and founder; with the support and guidance of you — my colleagues, mentors, and friends; and with my own seasoned leadership experience to guide me through the challenges and celebrate our victories.

Over the coming months, I am excited to learn, engage, and connect with you! Please connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know how we can partner and share knowledge. We have a lot of work to do, and we need each other to turn the tide of inequity.

In solidarity,

Sarah de Guia, JD
CEO, ChangeLab Solutions

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