The BLOCK Project

The BLOCK Project

Exploring the intersection of housing & health

ChangeLab Solutions introduces the BLOCK Project, an initiative exploring the intersection of housing and health. The BLOCK Project examines how housing policies and practices exacerbate health inequities, and identifies promising solutions.

The BLOCK Project highlights opportunities local institutions have to create a healthy housing system, as well as limits to local initiatives that may be posed by regional, state, and federal contexts. We are telling this story by focusing on local institutions working at the intersection of health and housing: hospitals, public housing authorities, and public health agencies. These institutions have the ability to knit together investment and community leadership to improve both housing policies and health outcomes. They can leverage their substantial resources and wide reach.

Join the Health & Housing Conversation!

By joining the conversation about health and housing, we hope to amplify calls for housing that promotes equity, belonging, sustainability, and health. Our BLOCK pieces are posted in entirety as a Medium publication that we’re using to help ignite the conversation about what it takes to make healthy and equitable housing a reality in this country. Follow ChangeLab Solutions on Medium for future BLOCK Project updates, and subscribe to our emails for updates on all of ChangeLab Solutions' projects.  

ChangeLab Solutions' BLOCK Project is generously funded by The Kresge Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation.