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Can healthy policy transform a community? Absolutely, if you and your community have the support and resources to hit the ground running with effective, evidence-based policy tools and best-practice approaches. ChangeLab Solutions’ team of legal and policy experts can partner with you at every step of the policy development process.

Read on to learn more, download our Partners at Every Stage factsheet to share, and explore our Tools for Change. Contact us for more information on how we can help your community become healthier!

Stage of EngagementOur Services
Assess Opportunities

How do your policies promote health? ChangeLab Solutions can analyze existing policy environments and help figure out what promising policy opportunities will generate the biggest return on investment.

  • Policy scans
  • Use health data to inform priorities
  • Engage communities in thinking about policy change
Strategize Solutions
Finding the right policy solution takes research and practical know-how. We can identify realistic, innovative options drawing from national best practices that fit your community’s priorities.
  • Create customized policy menus
  • Train stakeholders on the nuts and bolts of policy development and implementation
  • Analyze legal opportunities and risks
Create Tools
Whether it’s a smokefree parks ordinance or a plan to increase access to healthy food, we have the experience and skills to craft legally sound policies tailored to your specific needs. Our approach ensures critical questions like financing and enforcement are addressed early on – setting your community up for success.Draft, review, or revise local and state ordinances, legislation, and internal policies in the following areas:

  • Smokefree living
  • Access to healthy foods
  • Active and accessible community design
  • Healthy housing
  • Economic development
Implement Plan
Adopting a new plan or policy is only the beginning. Implementation can bring new questions, challenges, and opportunities. Our resources and assistance can help you translate your policy from paper to real change.
  • Identify stepwise approach to implementation
  • Troubleshoot barriers
  • Translate policy changes into community-friendly "How To’s"
Sustain Progress
We know change happens one policy at a time – and that it’s important to measure progress and look for the next opportunity for improvement. We can help you identify approaches that recognize, build on, and deepen success.
  • Evaluate the health impacts of policies, systems, or environmental change strategies put in place
  • Identify complementary strategies to enhance change and take it further
  • Strategic planning and convening

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