Request for Proposal

Organizational Culture and Management Consultant

ChangeLab Solutions is a nonpartisan organization that uses the tools of law and policy to advance health and opportunity for all. Our interdisciplinary team works across the nation to identify practical policy solutions to complex health challenges. We partner with community organizations, governments, and local institutions to design and implement equitable laws and policies.

We are seeking an organizational culture and management consultant to facilitate a staff-wide engagement to create an inclusive and connected culture and community where employees feel valued and that centers our values and commitment to EDI.

Our Background

ChangeLab Solutions was founded on the notion of using the best tools in public health, law, policy, and planning to help create healthy environments for everyone. Instrumental in tobacco control efforts in the early 1990s, our organization soon applied this new multidisciplinary approach to other major public health challenges such as childhood obesity. Learn more about our history.

As the fields of public health, law, and policy began to focus on racial discrimination, poverty, and other social determinants of health as the key drivers of poor health outcomes and disparities, ChangeLab’s staff, board, and funders began to define our approach to addressing these fundamental drivers of inequity. The process began with an internal assessment of recruitment practices and naming equity as a core tenet. As a result of our focus, over 60% of our staff and board members are people of color. They come from across the nation — from rural and urban communities — each bringing lived experience, professional expertise, and a commitment to health equity.

This moment in time is an inflection point for the organization and it is with this perspective that we seek to partner with a strategic consultant to help us define and build an inclusive and connected culture and community where employees feel valued and that centers our values and commitment to EDI.

Our Recent Journey and Reflections

Building on our collective strengths, experiences, and diverse viewpoints, ChangeLab Solutions published our foundational guide to public health, law, and policy: A Blueprint for Changemakers in 2019 setting forth our organizational strategy. In 2020, the organization developed through a virtual strategic planning process, our Strategic Framework document, which identifies our updated vision and values, long-term goal of reducing the drivers of health inequity, and our strategic activities for 2020—2025.

Complementing the Strategic Framework and informed by internal assessments, staff input, and the external environment, the Executive Leadership Team established six organizational priorities that will help to build the infrastructure to support our external mission driven work:

  1. Integrate equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) principles and practices into our organizational goals and activities.
  2. Build community and a culture of connection and inclusivity.
  3. Improve knowledge management practices, tools, and systems.
  4. Invest in talent management.
  5. Advance our long-term financial sustainability.

As we look to dive into implementation of the strategic plan, we are mindful of the following key shifts for the organization:

  • We are evolving. ChangeLab's staff of 46 has shifted from a predominantly Oakland-based staff to a hybrid, national workforce with now 20% (and growing) of the team located outside of the Bay Area.
  • We are growing our team. We are actively hiring for ~7 new staff members and intentionally seeking to expand the geographic diversity of our staff in service of our mission, talent management, and EDI goals.
  • We’re moving from an ‘in-person first’ to ‘virtual first’ approach to be inclusive of all our staff and decrease our Bay Area office space footprint.
  • We are committed to operationalizing EDI and measuring its integration. Our first organizational priority is to operationalize EDI goals into all our departmental goals and activities. Leadership, staff, and board are all committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion as an overarching priority.

Our Ask

We are seeking to engage a consultant to assist the organization in the following work:

  • Engage staff in a discovery process to assess the organizational culture and de(re)fine the organizational culture we want to have, ensuring it encompasses our values and our EDI goals. Note: We are open to some all-staff, in-person engagement to support the process.
  • Facilitate a process and design of an action plan that supports a diverse, distributed, national workforce that advances our mission and EDI goals. Through this, identify the 'work' that we need to do as staff to refine our practices and way of being to build the culture we seek.
  • Provide guidance to leadership in developing and implementing a plan to build and sustain the culture.
  • Provide training and capacity building for supervisors, program and operational managers, and executive leadership that assists in and promotes their understanding and actions as culture champions.
  • Create measures of success that can be used to measure our progress and efficacy of the efforts.

Through this work, we hope to realize the following outcomes:

  • Increased Understanding and Alignment: We’ve articulated the inclusive, connected culture we want to have at ChangeLab. All staff understand and have buy-in to the culture we strive to create.
  • Increased Capacity: The organization has a clear roadmap for how it will build and sustain the culture. Leaders and supervisors have the skills to champion the culture.
  • Ensure Accountability: We know what success will look like in our culture journey. We have the metrics and tools to measure our progress and course correct as needed.

Budget & Timeline

We have an initial budget of $40,000 for this work. We are interested in proposals that can present their scope of work in a menu type fashion, outlining what aspects of the work and pricing would be foundational – and what pieces could be a next layer, added on based on priority and budget.

We anticipate the term of the contract to be up to 1 year depending on the results of the discovery, the organization’s needs, and the consultant’s scope of work. We anticipate the contract starting in Fall 2021.

How to Apply:

Please submit a proposal that includes the following information:

  • A summary of how you would approach the scope of work, including: a timeline, stakeholder involvement, and how you would measure success. Please include a description of how the work will be approached if the process cannot be conducted in-person due to the pandemic.
  • The name(s) and bio(s) of team member(s), how responsibilities would be shared, and who would be our primary consultant.
  • The skills and resources you or your firm would bring to this engagement.
  • Three client examples and reference projects similar to our needs. Please include, if applicable, a case study or other indication of your experience with public health, law or policy organizations, advocacy organizations, or other aspects of progressive advocacy.
  • Details of your proposed budget and fee structure, including identifying additional costs and expenses.

Instructions for Submitting a Proposal

If interested, please share your intent to apply by July 16 and completed proposal by August 6. We expect to conduct interviews between the end of August and mid September. Consultant selection will be shepherded by a staff led hiring committee, with final approval by the CEO.

Notices of intent to apply, proposals and questions can be directed to Naomi Powell, Executive Coordinator, at When submitting a proposal, please include the subject line Organizational Culture and Management Proposal.

If we do not identify a consultant in the first round, we will accept applications on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

To the extent practicable, economically feasible, and/or required by law, ChangeLab Solutions will make a positive effort to secure products and services from businesses that are minority-owned, women-owned, and/or local.