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The Smokescreen of Misinformation

A webinar about countering tobacco retailer licensing opposition

Tobacco Prevention

In the past year, a few groups have become increasingly active in opposing local tobacco retailer licensing ordinances throughout California. In this webinar from the Center for Tobacco Policy and Organizing, a project of the American Lung Association in California and ChangeLab Solutions (formerly known as TALC), you will learn more about these opposition groups, their tactics, and their connection to the tobacco industry. Speakers from the Center and ChangeLab Solutions will give you the facts about their claims and provide advocates with some effective counterarguments. 


  • Ian McLaughlin, Senior Staff Attorney, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Vanessa Marvin, Director, The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing
  • Lindsey Freitas, Policy Manager, The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing
  • Julissa Gomez, Advocacy Manager, The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing
  • Catherine Mongeon, Staff Attorney, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Melanie Ruvalcaba, Impact Program Manager at American Lung Association Fresno Office
  • Janie Burkhart, Project Director, Santa Clara County Public Health Department


Webinar Recording

For more information, contact The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing. For legal assistance, contact ChangeLab Solutions.

This webinar is co-sponsored by the Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing and ChangeLab Solutions.