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Smoke & Mirrors

Understanding smokefree air laws & vaping

Fact Sheet
Tobacco Prevention

ChangeLab Solutions developed this fact sheet to highlight why smokefree air laws can indeed cover the vapor emitted from electronic smoking devices.

This fact sheet also includes sample definitions for tobacco control advocates to use when updating their smokefree air laws.

Electronic smoking devices (also known as electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes, hookah pens, or electronic nicotine delivery systems) are battery operated devices designed to be used in a manner similar to conventional tobacco products. The use of electronic smoking devices is referred to as “vaping.”

Emerging research indicates that electronic smoking devices contain hazardous substances and may expose bystanders to secondhand vapor, yet the popularity of these devices is soaring. Advertisements for electronic smoking devices claim they give users the freedom to inhale vapor anywhere, and proponents argue that smoke free airs laws do not apply to them.