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Restricting Tobacco Sales, Advertising, & Sponsorship on Campus Property

A sample policy for California public colleges & universities

Model Legal Document
Tobacco Prevention

This sample policy is designed for a public college or university that is seeking to restrict tobacco sales, advertising, and sponsorship on campus property.

The policy applies both to the college/university itself as well as to third parties who use campus property for events or other purposes. It is, of course, up to the college/university to decide which parts of the sample policy it chooses to adopt. The sample policy prohibits the sale of tobacco products on campus.

The policy also limits tobacco advertising or sponsorship that is visible on campus. However, the policy does not prohibit acceptance by the university of tobacco industry-funded research or donations. The sample policy could easily be broadened to include such limits. Taking more steps to limit tobacco will minimize any inconsistencies in a college’s/university’s stance on tobacco and thus strengthen its legal position.