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Partnerships for Healthier Corner Stores

A webinar on how alcohol and tobacco control and healthy eating advocates can collaborate

Food & Beverages
Tobacco Prevention
Public health advocates specializing in nutrition, tobacco control and alcohol control have each developed strategies to increase access to healthy foods in stores and decrease access to less healthy foods and substances - but generally these efforts have been uncoordinated. This webinar presents strategies for leveraging the expertise in these fields to develop a comprehensive approach to creating healthy corner stores, with examples of communities that are successfully breaking down these silos.  This webinar is part of the New Carrots on the Block webinar series, presented in partnership with Network for a Healthy California. Speakers
  • Hannah Burton Laurison, MA, Consultant to ChangeLab Solutions
  • Meliah Schultzman, JD, Staff Attorney with ChangeLab Solutions
  • Victor Colman, Director, Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition
 ResourcesHealth on the Shelf: A Guide to Healthy Small Food Retailer Certification ProgramsGreen for Greens: Finding Public Funding for Healthy Food Retail Tobacco Retailer Licensing: An Effective Tool for Public Health (fact sheet)Model California Ordinance: Requiring a Tobacco Retailer LicenseCreating a Healthy Food Zone Around SchoolsModel Ordinance: Healthy Food Zone  For information about compliance with environmental health regulations, contact your local health department.  Retailer compliance:If a store is accepting WIC and SNAP benefits, they can be assumed to be in compliance with program standards.  In California, the state department of public health provides a "List of Authorized Vendors" for WIC or search for a local store.  The U.S.D.A. maintains a national listing of SNAP stores here. 2012 New Carrots on the Block webinar series by ChangeLab SolutionsCultivating Relationships: Working with Policymakers Green for Greens: Finding Funding and Other Resources Rewarding Success: Certification Programs for Healthy Food Retailers Photo: Creative Commons Flickr DC Kitchen Recording