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New Carrots on the Block

A webinar series on healthy corner store strategies

Food & Beverages

Join us for three webinars this summer on strategies for creating healthier stores in your community. We’ll look at tools to support healthy corner store initiatives, and offer tips for working with local government and community partners. We’ll also interview healthy corner store experts and share success stories. These webinars are designed to give public health professionals, program planners, and other community partners a chance to learn and talk about effective program and policy strategies.

Monday, July 23
Cultivating Relationships: Working with Policymakers
In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to local government partners who can support healthy corner store initiatives (such as economic development, planning, and elected officials), descriptions of policy and program strategies you might explore, and success stories from other communities.

Monday, August 6
Green for Greens: Finding Funding and Other Resources
What federal, state, and local agencies have resources to support healthy corner store efforts? In this webinar, we’ll talk about how to identify and leverage financing mechanisms to create healthier food options, provide tips on how to strengthen your application and develop your funding pitch, and have participants share examples of resources that they have found most useful.

Monday, August 27
Rewarding Success: Providing Incentives with Certification Programs
Programs that reward stores providing healthy food offer an array of positive benefits. Participating stores get free publicity and support for increasing revenue from healthy food sales. Residents get access to healthier options. And the agency sponsoring the initiative builds relationships with local businesses, which can lead to future collaboration to benefit public health. In this webinar, we’ll look at existing healthy corner store certification programs, provide tips on how to create an effective program, and hear from experts who’ve implemented these programs in their own communities.

These webinars were recorded and are available on our website, along with slide presentations and links to other resources.

These webinars are sponsored by the Network for a Healthy California Retail Program, in support of the 2012 Retail Fruit & Vegetable Marketing Guide Pilot.