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Beating Big Tobacco to the Punch

A webinar on regulating emerging tobacco products

Tobacco Prevention

Big Tobacco knows the heyday of the cigarette is over. But it’s not going down without a fight.

Tobacco companies are clever: they’re modifying some products to get around cigarette sales restrictions, and they’ve developed a variety of new items that aren’t smoked at all. Some new products are candylike and easy to hide, making them appealing to teens. New smokeless products also make it easier to get a nicotine fix when smoking isn’t an option, making it less likely smokers will quit the deadly smoking habit.

But these new products don’t have to get a foothold in your community. This webinar addresses how by regulating new products before they become popular, communities can keep these products from attracting new users.

  • Jack Nichol, consultant, The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing
  • Matthew Moore, staff attorney, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Catherine Mongeon, staff attorney, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Vanessa Marvin, director, The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing

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ChangeLab Solutions co-hosted this webinar with The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing.