Tools for Healthy Planning

Encouraging your community's residents to become more active means ensuring there are safe, accessible, and engaging places to get exercise. Learn how to open up and improve access to public spaces such as school facilities, routes to schools and workplaces, and streets.
There are many ways you can improve access to healthy, affordable, and fresh food in your community. We've got the tools to help your local food environment become healthier through neighborhood corner stores, farmer's markets, and community gardens.
Looking for ideas on how to make your schools healthier for children? Developing healthier school environments can include improvements to vending and procurement, limiting marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages, encouraging activity through safe routes to school, and more.
Getting involved in your community's local planning process is an important way to pursue strong policies that promote health. Learn more about how public agencies, city planners, and health advocates can all come together to create healthy, sustainable communities.
Redevelopment can be an opportunity to make healthy improvements, such as getting more nutritious food retail and spaces for activity into your community. Our guides explain how redevelopment projects can help improve residents' health while strengthening the local economy.