California Legal & Dispute Resolution Referral Resources

This directory provides resources for tenants affected by secondhand smoke who need help resolving a dispute with their landlord or another tenant. Users can select from four types of resources:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Programs: For a nominal fee, an ADR program can arrange mediation sessions between disputing parties, during which all have the opportunity to state their side of the issue with the goal of reaching a mutually satisfying resolution. A trained mediator facilitates the process.
  • Housing and Tenant Rights Advocacy Organizations: These local organizations offer a range of services to help resolve housing-related issues. Services are provided primarily for low-income tenants at no or low cost, and may include services such as mediation and making phone calls and writing letters on the client’s behalf. These agencies tend to be overwhelmed with requests from renters with eviction disputes and may have limited capacity to advocate in secondhand smoke matters. Individuals may need to have a disability and/or income below a certain amount to qualify for services.
  • Certified Lawyer Referral Services: For a nominal fee, these referral agencies (affiliated with local chapters of the State Bar of California) can arrange a short consultation with an attorney to help determine whether legal action might be warranted. When seeking a referral, an attorney who specializes in landlord/tenant law may be most helpful in resolving disputes involving secondhand smoke exposure.
  • County Tobacco Control Projects: Each county health department has a state-funded Tobacco Control Project, which may be able to refer individuals affected by secondhand smoke to additional resources.