Incentives for Change

Incentives for Change

Rewarding Healthy Improvements to Small Food Stores

Across the country, public health advocates are partnering with small food retailers to improve the quality, quantity, and affordability of produce and other healthy items. Many of these efforts also look to reduce unhealthy influences in communities that are saturated with alcohol, tobacco, and junk food. Many healthy food retail advocates look to incentives to reward small business innovation, offset financial costs associated with store upgrades, and lay the foundation for expanding healthy food retailer initiatives through citywide policy. Although some initiatives offer direct financial rewards to small food retailers, there are many non-financial incentives available through the public sector, private foundations, and other sources.

ChangeLab Solutions developed Incentives for Change to provide an overview of how local communities can reward small food retailers who wish to make healthy changes to their business models and suggests funding sources and partnerships to implement incentive programs locally.

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