Safe Routes to School District Policy Workbook

Welcome to the interactive Safe Routes to School Policy Workbook! It is designed to help school board members, administrators, families of students, and community members create and implement policies that support active transportation [1] and Safe Routes to School programs. The workbook will walk you through a series of policy options to help you build your own customized Safe Routes to School policy, which you can download and use in your community.

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Safe Routes to School is a burgeoning movement that encourages students to walk, ride bicycles, or use other forms of active transportation to and from school.  Active transportation improves health, increase the livability of a community, and helps to protect the environment.  Making it easy for students to walk or bicycle to school requires action from many community stakeholders, including schools, students and their families, municipalities, neighborhood businesses, planners, transportation engineers, and community groups.  This Safe Routes to School Policy Workbook helps schools make lasting change in their communities.


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