What are Complete Streets?

What are Complete Streets?

Across America, there is a movement afoot to build “complete streets” that allow people to get around safely. Conventional street design promotes traffic congestion, pollution, and collision injuries, and it discourages physical activity. Complete streets, on the other hand, are designed so that people of all ages and abilities can travel easily and safely, while also getting the regular physical activity that is critical to preventing obesity.

This fact sheet provides an overview for advocates and community members on the benefits of complete streets policies. Whether you are looking to promote complete streets by enacting a resolution, a state statute, or a local ordinance, or if you’d like to revise your comprehensive plan to include complete streets, NPLAN has models and findings that you can tailor and use in your community.

Be sure to check out our Complete Streets Talking Points, Model Comprehensive Plan Language, and Model Complete Streets Laws and Resolutions.

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