Tobacco Litter Control Ordinance

Tobacco Litter Control Ordinance

A Model California Ordinance Regulating Tobacco Waste

Used cigarette butts and filters from other tobacco products account for a substantial portion of the litter found on streets, in parks, and in other public places. Tobacco waste can be poisonous to children, pets, and wildlife, and can pollute water supplies.

Many localities have tried enforcing existing littering laws, posting signage discouraging littering, providing ash cans, imposing a fee on cigarettes to offset cleanup costs, and conducting periodic cleanups to limit pollution. Yet tobacco waste remains a pervasive problem, marring parks, beaches, sidewalks, and other public places.

This model ordinance can assist California cities and counties that want to address the problem of tobacco waste littered in public spaces. The ordinance makes it illegal for any brand of filtered tobacco products, including cigarettes, to be sold in a city or county, unless the manufacturer or distributor of a brand either takes responsibility for the collection and disposal of tobacco waste or pays an in-lieu fee to the local jurisdiction to cover the reasonable costs of litter mitigation.

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