Implementing & Enforcing a Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing Ordinance

Implementing & Enforcing a Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing Ordinance

A Fact Sheet for Local Jurisdictions

Smokefree multi-unit housing policies affect all tenants living on the premises. Overall, these policies provide significant benefits. They can reduce public exposure to secondhand smoke, minimize fire risk, provide economic benefits to landlords, and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

Effective policy implementation is essential, and can preclude the need for extensive enforcement. However, it is equally important to ensure that appropriate enforcement mechanisms are established.

ChangeLab Solutions created this fact sheet for jurisdictions that are interested in developing a local smokefree multi-unit housing law. It outlines general strategies for effective implementation, administration, and enforcement.

For additional information, check out our Model California Ordinance Regulating Smoking in Multi-Unit Housing as well as our resources on smokefree housing. To learn more about supporting resident compliance with a smokefree housing law, take a look at our fact sheet for landlords and property owners.