Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing Policies

Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing Policies

Strategies to Support Resident Compliance

Smokefree multi-unit housing policies affect all tenants living on the premises. Overall, these policies provide significant benefits. They can reduce public exposure to secondhand smoke, minimize fire risk, provide economic benefits to landlords, and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

However, some tenants who smoke may have trouble complying with smokefree housing policies. For instance, tenants with cognitive or physical disabilities may find it hard to abide by the provisions of a policy.

ChangeLab Solutions has developed this fact sheet to help landlords support resident compliance with smokefree multi-unit housing policies. It discusses voluntary, proactive actions landlords can take to facilitate compliance with smokefree housing policies among all residents, including those with disabilities.

For additional information, check out our fact sheet on policies to protect tenants with disabilities from secondhand smoke and our resources on smokefree housing. To learn more about implementing and enforcing a smokefree housing law, take a look at our fact sheet for local governments.