The Shakedown on Sodium

The Shakedown on Sodium

Webinars, Talking Points, and a Fact Sheet on Reducing Sodium

We all need some salt to survive. But consuming too much sodium negatively affects our health, leading to more visits to the doctor, more absenteeism, and reduced productivity in the workplace.

Employers can help promote health by providing employees with lower-sodium foods. In addition, these efforts benefit business: employers can save money, and potentially increase revenue, by helping their employees eat less sodium. Though reducing sodium may seem financially and logistically challenging, businesses can use cost-effective strategies such as group purchasing to supply healthier foods. Employers that provide lower-sodium foods can reduce health care costs, increase productivity, and generate a positive public image.

Our webinars, talking points, and fact sheet explain the importance of reducing sodium for health, and provide businesses and public health professionals with the facts about consumer preferences, financial costs, and feasibility. Each resource provides real-world examples from businesses that have successfully reduced sodium in the foods they offer.

  • The Shakedown On Sodium fact sheet discusses how businesses, hospitals, and other institutions can use group purchasing to buy lower-sodium products at low prices (download below).  
  • Sodium-Reduction Talking Points for Public Health provides quick responses to the perceived barriers employers identify in conversations about offering lower-sodium products (download below).  
  • Our Pass (on) the Salt webinar discusses the business rationales for reducing sodium and explains how offering lower-sodium foods can result in a positive return on investment.
  • A Strategy Worth Its Salt, a webinar on the ins and outs of group purchasing, explores how institutions and organizations can use this strategy to obtain and offer healthier, lower-sodium foods at more affordable prices.

See our resources on creating healthier food environments for more information!