Rural Community Profiles

Rural Community Profiles

Stories About Improving Nutrition, Increasing Physical Activity, and Making Schools Healthier

When it comes to improving health outcomes, rural communities are uniquely positioned to effect change. Residents of rural areas develop tight-knit social networks, can more easily access and work with local leaders, and are often able to do a lot with a little. These assets help these communities overcome geographic and economic barriers to good health.

Rural communities across the country have implemented innovative strategies to help residents eat well, be physically active, and make schools healthier places for their children. Residents of these towns and counties have come together with local decision-makers to create community gardens, maintain local walking trails, and enhance school cafeteria meals, among other activities.

ChangeLab Solutions has compiled these stories and created three easy-to-use handouts that focus on nutrition, physical activity, and schools. Each handout highlights three stories from rural communities that have used local assets to promote health, and contains a list of strategies that other communities can use. Rural residents can share these handouts with community coalitions as inspiration or decision-makers to make the case for new projects.

ChangeLab Solutions has tools to support rural communities in creating healthier school environments, increasing opportunities for physical activity, and making good food affordable and accessibleWe also hosted a webinar series on obesity prevention and food access strategies in rural communitiesContact us for help adapting our materials to meet your community’s needs.