My Neighborhood, My Store

My Neighborhood, My Store

A webinar on developing community-driven strategies for healthier corner stores

Healthy changes to small food stores may not be sustainable if they do not reflect the needs and preferences of local residents. This webinar discusses best practices for empowering and building the capacity of community residents to develop healthy corner stores, with inspiring examples from around the country.

This webinar is part of the New Carrots on the Block webinar series, presented in partnership with Network for a Healthy California.

  • Hannah Burton Laurison, MA, consultant to ChangeLab Solutions
  • Sabrina Baronberg, MPH, Director of Food Access and Community Health, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Danielle Moreno, MPH, HEAL & Food Access Coordinator, County of Sonoma Department of Health Services
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Somona County Healthy Food Outlet Project (email request for additional information)
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