Model Statute Limiting Food Marketing at Schools

Model Statute Limiting Food Marketing at Schools

A tool to support healthy school food environments

The marketing of foods of poor nutritional value to children has contributed to the rise in children’s consumption of unhealthy food and beverages. While strong efforts have been made to improve the nutritional quality of food sold and served at schools, less attention has been focused on food marketing at schools.

Marketing unhealthy foods at schools conflicts with schools’ efforts to promote a healthy nutrition environment and to educate students on proper nutrition. Such marketing also undermines parents’ efforts to encourage healthful eating.

We developed the Model Statute Limiting Food Marketing at Schools to prohibit the advertising of the foods or beverages that may not be sold on the school campus during the school day. The language in the model statute is designed to be tailored to the needs of a particular state. While the model is designed as a statute, it could also be enacted by a board of education as a policy at the school district level or as part of a school wellness policy.

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