Health and Safety for Farmworkers and Farmers

Health and Safety for Farmworkers and Farmers

Finding Common Ground

The bucolic image of rolling farmland belies the real dangers of farm work: agriculture is considered the most dangerous industry in the United States. While farmers are on average healthier than the rest of the population, they face more occupational health and safety hazards. Farmworkers confront the same occupational hazards, on top of health problems stemming from low socioeconomic status and the transient lifestyle their jobs often require.

Learn more about the unique health concerns of farmers and farmworkers, and why there is a business case, in addition to the moral case, for making work safer and healthier for everyone on the farm.

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Finding Common Ground is a series of issue briefs commissioned by the Healthy Farms, Healthy People Coalition to bring agriculture and health stakeholders together, building a stronger base of support for a healthy, economically viable food and farming system in the United States. Each brief highlights a food and farming issue in which agriculture and health stakeholders have shared interest.