Creating Smokefree Policies for Affordable Housing in California

Creating Smokefree Policies for Affordable Housing in California

Fact sheet and supporting documents

Do you want to help limit smoking in housing geared toward low-income residents? This fact sheet explains how to work with key players to establish smokefree policies in affordable housing.

We've also included additional material to help you move forward: 

  • Non-Smoking Policies in Public Housing: HUD statement strongly encouraging public housing authorities to implement no-smoking policies in public housing units
  • Optional Smoke-Free Housing Policy Implementation: HUD statement encouraging owners and management agents (O/As) participating in multifamily housing rental assistance programs to implement smoke-free housing policies
  • Comparison of Smokefree Housing Policy Factors: Private Market Rate versus Publicly Subsidized Multi-Unit Housing, prepared by Warren Ortland, staff attorney with the Public Health Law Center in Minnesota
  • How to Get Started on that Smokefree Housing Objective, compiled by Serena Chen of the American Lung Association in California

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