Working with Landlords & Property Managers on Smokefree Housing

Working with Landlords & Property Managers on Smokefree Housing

A Guide to Economic & Legal Issues

Californians have extensive protections from exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke where they work, eat, and play, but many are still exposed to secondhand smoke where they live. Landlords, property managers, and local governments can all help protect residents from drifting secondhand smoke by prohibiting smoking throughout multi-unit residences.

Smokefree policies in multi-unit housing are becoming increasingly common, as housing providers around the country come to recognize the many benefits for themselves and their tenants. As more is understood about the health and safety hazards posed by secondhand smoke, landlords, property managers, Public Housing Authorities (PHAs), and local governments are taking steps to reduce exposure by creating smokefree areas in and around multi-unit residences. 

In collaboration with CA4Health, we created this guide to explain the economic and legal issues attendant to a housing provider’s decision to create a smokefree housing policy. For more information, check out our illustrated roadmap of the 8 policy options that can protect tenants from secondhand smoke, and all of our other smokefree housing resources

CA4Health is a Community Transformation Grant from the CDC focused on reducing the burden of chronic disease in rural California.