California Certified Farmers’ Markets & Farm Stands

California Certified Farmers’ Markets & Farm Stands

A closer look at state law

California certified farmers’ markets and farm stands can help bring fresh fruits and vegetables directly to the communities that need them most. It can be difficult—if not impossible—to find fresh, affordable healthy food in many urban and rural low-income communities. One way to make fresh produce more accessible is to encourage alternative retail outlets, such as farmers’ markets, farm stands, and community supported agriculture (CSA) programs, where farmers can sell their produce directly to consumers.

ChangeLab Solutions' fact sheet, California Certified Farmers’ Markets and Farm Stands (available for download below), explains how state law works to encourage this type of “direct marketing,” which creates a win-win for farmers and consumers alike.

People who volunteer in support of farmers' markets sometimes worry that they could be at risk of liability if an injury occurs while they are volunteering.  For more information about the significant legal protections for volunteers provided by the federal Volunteer Protection Act, see our fact sheet on Volunteers and Liability.

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