Addressing the Four Ps of Tobacco Marketing in Stores

Addressing the Four Ps of Tobacco Marketing in Stores

A webinar about the Point of Sale Playbook

Every year, the tobacco industry spends billions of dollars encouraging people who smoke to continue and persuading nonsmokers, particularly youth, to start smoking. Tobacco companies use most of their marketing budget – nearly $1 million every hour – at the point of sale (POS), making it the primary venue for tobacco product marketing.

This webinar, part of the CDC's Office on Smoking and Health's point of sale webinar series, reviews strategies to address tobacco marketing in retail outlets, focusing on the four Ps of marketing: place, price, product, and promotion. 

Experts from CounterTools and ChangeLab Solutions discuss the importance of working in the retail environment, and introduce a new tool to help local health departments and tobacco control professionals, the Point of Sale Playbook. A guest speaker from the American Lung Association discusses her experience working on POS issues with several rural Minnesota communities. 


  • Ian McLaughlin, JD, Senior Staff Attorney and Program Director, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Allison Myers, MPH, Co-Founder of CounterTobacco.Org and Executive Director of CounterTools
  • Erin Simmons, Senior Manager, American Lung Association in Minnesota