Program Areas

ChangeLab Solutions believes that achieving the common good means everyone has

  • nourishing food;
  • safe places to live and play;
  • plenty of opportunities to bike, walk, or take transit;
  • fresh water; and
  • clean air indoors and out.

To help meet those needs, our staff of attorneys, city planners, and policy analysts work primarily in the following key program areas.

Childhood Obesity Prevention

Strong obesity policy interventions in schools and communities can help improve children’s access to healthy foods and opportunities for safe physical activity. Our childhood obesity prevention work empowers advocates and policy leaders with legally sound guidance and resources to make schools and communities healthier for children.

Healthy Housing

Healthy homes require healthy neighborhoods. Our healthy housing work focuses on policies to make safe, stable, and affordable housing a reality for everyone and provides communities practical steps to achieve their housing policy goals.

Healthy Planning

Growing evidence shows the role neighborhood design plays in promoting access to healthy foods, physical activity, and other factors affecting public health. Our healthy planning work focuses on community planning and economic development strategies.

Tobacco Control

Local, state, and federal laws have significantly reduced tobacco-related damage to public health. We focus on tobacco control policy and legal issues, including policies on secondhand smoke exposure and the sale and promotion of tobacco products.

Our staff has also worked on other public health policy issues as they’ve emerged, including the effects of climate change on public health, legal concerns related to tuberculosis, and policies supporting pharmaceutical access for people in need.

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