What’s New on Our BLOCK? An Update on the BLOCK Project

What’s New on Our BLOCK? An Update on the BLOCK Project

January 18, 2018

How do housing policies affect community health? The BLOCK Project continues to respond to this question with engaging articles on how housing policies have maintained racial segregation, poor investment, and health disparities in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. Our partners discuss the ongoing impacts in education, housing quality, and access to healthy food. Contributors also explore policies and practices, such as tenant protections, regional housing allocations, and community engagement strategies, that help alleviate disparities.

The BLOCK Project’s Porch Light Debates, dialogues in blog format, highlight the innovations and challenges our community partners—Bon Secours Hospital in Baltimore, Denver Public Housing Authority, and Alameda County Public Health Department in California—have encountered while engaging their communities in healthy housing initiatives. Because hospitals, housing authorities, and public health departments command considerable resources and serve large numbers of people, they are well positioned to pioneer new options and policies to promote safe, affordable housing in their communities and thus create better health for all.

Are you interested in how housing strategies can improve health equity? Follow the BLOCK Project on Medium, and get the latest thinking from our diverse community of practitioners. Upcoming articles will delve into how education relates to housing and health equity and more on the history of public health and housing. Other pieces will examine community health interventions by hospitals, Medicaid waivers, and how to promote inclusivity in local government. You can also contact us for more information on healthy housing strategies.

The BLOCK Project is generously funded by The Kresge Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation.