Building Streets for Health and Equity: New Pedcast and Guide

Building Streets for Health and Equity: New Pedcast and Guide

August 29, 2016

Does your neighborhood have safe sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes? Ever wonder how street design can improve health? Curious how transportation systems can make places not only more connected, but also more equitable?

Street design can, and should, make it safer and easier for people in every neighborhood to get around, whether they’re biking, walking, taking transit, or driving. Use these new resources to learn about designing and building healthy streets!

  • Road Signs Pedcast: Listen to our walking podcast, or pedcast, to hear from people on the ground who are building safe and active streets. Each episode discusses one transportation tool that promotes community health. In this first episode, learn about an approach to making existing streets safer—a “road diet”—with a story from Oakland, California. Plug in your headphones, look both ways, and get moving!
  • A Guide to Building Healthy Streets: Use this guide to turn a Complete Streets policy into action! This resource discusses five key steps for effective Complete Streets implementation, highlighting the unique role public health staff can play during each step. Start collaborating to achieve your community’s policy goals and create healthier streets.

Want to learn more? Contact us to find out how you can start building streets to meet the needs of your community.