Getting the Wheels Rolling

Getting the Wheels Rolling

A Guide to Using Policy to Create Bicycle Friendly Communities

Getting the Wheels Rolling: A Guide to Using Policy to Create Bicycle Friendly Communities provides a roadmap to making all types of communities bicycle friendly. More and more people are getting around by bicycle, but there is still tremendous room for growth in the numbers of people who bicycle. So what can we do? One of the most powerful ways to increase the amount of bicycle travel is the adoption of bicycle friendly laws and policies. Policies can remove obstacles to bicycling, create incentives for bicycling infrastructure, and make it easier and safer to bicycle. This guide helps policymakers figure out where to start, and spells out how to effectively use policy to promote bicycling.

Creating a bicycle friendly community is a significant commitment. But it can be done – even where communities are starting with low bicycling rates and little existing bicycle infrastructure – and the rewards are high. Using policy to make bicycling part of daily life is a win for everyone, as individuals become active and healthy, neighborhoods grow more vibrant and sustainable, and local economies and the environment benefit.


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