About Us

ChangeLab Solutions works across the nation to advance equitable laws and policies that ensure healthy lives for all. We prioritize communities whose residents are at highest risk for poor health. Our interdisciplinary team of lawyers, planners, policy analysts, and more, works with neighborhoods, cities, and states to create thriving communities.


Healthier communities for all through equitable laws & policies


Communities where everyone - no matter who they are or where they live - can lead a healthy life.

Guiding Principles

Health Equity 
Building healthier communities is what we do, and health equity is the driving force behind our work. We focus on undoing the harms of structural racism and other forms of institutionalized discrimination that burden underserved communities.

Expertise & Evidence
We are seasoned experts who represent multiple disciplines, bringing policy and legal experience and practical know-how to help communities improve health for all. Our work is grounded in evidence-based practices and policies that advance positive change.

Collaboration & Partnership
We are an extra set of hands to help communities ensure health for all. We collaborate with our partners to help solve complex public health problems. We meet communities where they are and provide the tools, technical assistance, and evidence-based research to help identify what policies and strategies will bring about the solutions they seek.

Sharing & Building Knowledge
Our goal is to create meaningful change for communities through equitable laws and policies. Because of this, we share what we know works and gets results. And we are continually learning from those we work with to improve our capacity and knowledge, so we can better serve communities in the future.


Our website is packed with model policies, how-to guides, fact sheets, and other policy tools: see our Tools for Change or download our catalog to start exploring. Learn more about our services and how we can help your community become healthier and contact us with your questions or for more information about our resources.