About Us

ChangeLab Solutions provides community-based solutions for America’s most common and preventable diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and asthma. Our solutions promote the common good by making healthier choices easier for everyone.

For too many communities, good health is nearly impossible to achieve. We can change that! We believe achieving the common good means everyone has

  • nourishing food;
  • safe places to live and play;
  • plenty of opportunities to bike, walk, or take transit;
  • fresh water; and
  • clean air indoors and out.

Meeting those needs requires good laws and policies that link housing, education, jobs, and the environment to healthy outcomes. 

It means efficient government working with strong and diverse leadership toward common goals. Many communities lack those fundamental capacities, and together, we can solve that.

Throughout the nation, ChangeLab Solutions works with neighborhoods, cities, and states to transform communities with laws and policies that create lasting change. Our unique approach, backed by decades of solid research and proven results, helps the public and private sectors make communities more livable, especially for those who are at highest risk because they have the fewest resources.

In California alone, our work in tobacco control has helped save over $86 billion in healthcare costs and resulted in 25 percent fewer tobacco-related deaths. That’s just one area where we create solutions and help save money – just imagine how, working together, we can improve your community’s health, too! 

Our website is packed with model policies, how-to guides, fact sheets, and other policy tools: see our Tools for Change to start exploring. Learn more about our services and how we can help your community become healthier. Watch our video below, and contact us with your questions or for more information about our resources.

Developing Practical Solutions from ChangeLab Solutions on YouTube.